Workplace dating drawbacks

17-Oct-2019 01:24

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“In this case, there does need to be a policy of disclosure and a plan in place,” says Starkman.

“This protects the company and is the only way you can operate these days.” If your policy is written, be careful to make it gender neutral, adds Starkman.

“It’s easy to get distracted from work because of depression, anxiety, and simply seeing your new ex at work and overanalyzing communications—or miscommunications.

It’s easy for office productivity to fail under any negative circumstance, but especially when both parties in a failed romance work at the same office.”But it could have an upside: “The only time when this doesn’t occur is when one or both people are competitive and try to compete with each other at work to win at office productivity by projecting feelings of having lost and wanting to win, from the failed relationship,” says Masini.

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“The old approach for many companies was to ban office dating as a way to avoid potential liability,” he says. It’s like Prohibition; all the ban does is force the activity underground.

People aren’t going to stop dating because of a policy.