What the bible says about dating unbelievers

18-Jul-2020 01:41

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Earnest in 2Cor (KJV), refers to the Holy Spirit as God's pledge to believers that they will participate in all the blessings of the age to come (CP 5:5 with Ro ; Eph 1:9-14 and 1Pe 1:1-5).The Holy Spirit is God's seal upon believers, identifying them as belonging to Him (CP Ro 8:9; 2Cor ; 2Ti ; Rev ). 2:5-11 What do we learn from what Paul says here and who is the offending person?(See also comments on 2Cor 12:7, Ga 1:2 (A) and author's study Paul the Apostle - a Chosen Vessel unto God in his book Advanced Studies in the Christian Faith (Volume 2). We learn that every promise of God is still valid for today - able to be appropriated through faith in Jesus Christ by all who will believe God for the promises and meet the conditions.

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Any church that tolerates sexual immorality in its midst, and sadly, there are many, will find its evil influence will spread throughout the fellowship and eventually corrupt the whole church (CP Josh ; 7:1; Rev -17, 18-29). What exactly does Paul mean here that God always causes us to triumph in Christ?Otherwise, he could be so overwhelmed by sorrow that he might never recover from it and so be lost to Christianity forever.

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