Volatile avoidant validating hostile

01-Dec-2019 17:38

adulthood, arguments, avoidant, childhood, Children, communication, conflict, hostile, influence, life, misunderstanding, pain, parents, perspective, relationships, resentment, support, tolerance, Understanding, unhappy marriage, validating, volatile Parents who can better handle conflicts and go through a healthy separation process are more able to model life positively to their children because they did not destroy the family by separating, but they had separated because the family relationship became unhappy and unstable.Every marriage is unique and whether we manage to keep the relationship alive over tough times or end the relationship, we all have gone through story of love and loss that we learn from and basically shape the person we are today.This relationship contains lots of criticism and blaming and usually the avoider partner wishes that the other accepts them the way they are.According to the hostile-detached conflict, one is validator and the other is volatile which is considered a toxic combination.Sadly when children under the age of ten see their parents in open conflict, they tend to blame themselves and as they get older they might become more isolated from one or both parents.

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Even a 3 months old child can be distressed from loud noises, vivid visual images and emotional feelings of the parents when they are around their parents.This can have an effect on the parent/child bond and the baby will fear exploration and will have a decreased motivation to play, thus affecting their character, brain, social and emotional development.