Validating a form with php

21-May-2020 22:49

But the recommended solution is to test for the 'X-Requested-With' request header.

If the value of that header is 'XMLHttp Request' then you know that the form was posted via ajax.

Further, they provide no protection against man-in-the-middle attacks where an attacker intercepts the transmission of the TAN and uses it for a forged transaction.

Especially when the client system should become compromised by some form of malware that enables a malicious user, the possibility of an unauthorized transaction is high.

validating a form with php-81


However, as any TAN can be used for any transaction, TANs are still prone to phishing attacks where the victim is tricked into providing both password/PIN and one or several TANs.

There is no special coding required to handle file uploads.

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