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Generously illustrated, the book presents photographs, documentary materials, and memorabilia in meaningful juxtapositions with images of the TASS posters.

Druick, Adam Jolles, Lauren Makholm, Cher Schneider, Peter Kort Zegers, and Molly Zimmerman-Feeley August 30, 2011400 pages, 9 3/4 x 12 3/4300 color 140 b/w illus.

ISBN: 9780300207682HC - Paper over Board Published in association with the Jewish Museum, New York A fascinating account of the avant-garde photo-based arts from the early Soviet Union, featuring many previously unpublished images Finalist for a 2015 National Jewish Book Award in the Visual Arts category Following the 1917 Russian Revolution, photography, film, and posters played an essential role in the campaign to disseminate modernity and Communist ideology.

From early experimental works by Alexander Rodchenko and El Lissitzky to the modernist photojournalism of Arkady Shaikhet and Max Penson, Soviet photographers were not only in the vanguard of style and technological innovation but also radical in their integration of art and politics.

ISBN: 9780300179750Hardcover A comprehensive survey of art in Moscow in the era of the Soviet Union that champions the unquenchable spirit of artistic experimentation in the face of political repression Ambitious and interdisciplinary, Moscow Vanguard Art: 1922-1992 tells the story of generations of artists who resisted Soviet dictates on aesthetics, spanning the Russian avant-garde, socialist realism, and Soviet postwar art in one volume.

Drawing on art history, criticism, and political theory, Margarita Tupitsyn unites these three epochs, mapping their differences and commonalities, ultimately reconnecting the postwar vanguard with the historical avant-garde.Our publications cover a broad range of economic and social issues, including development policy, finance, health, education, environment, trade, poverty, climate change, and globalization. In its variety, technical finesse, creativity, and intellectual interest Russian art fully deserves a place of honor within the European canon. Anne Blood, Burlington Magazine The first major scholarly study of the topic in English. Blakesley June 7, 2016380 pages, 9 x 11135 color 155 b/w illus.