Updating table of contents Cam broadcasts for adults

27-May-2020 19:02

It has no effect on the final table of contents unless the list is alphabetized, in which case the entries are sorted by level.

(See Add paragraph and character styles.)If you want the page numbers of the TOC to include prefixes, or to use a different numbering convention, see Define section numbering.A table of contents (TOC) can list the contents of a book, magazine, or other publication; display a list of illustrations, advertisers, or photo credits; or include other information to help readers find information in a document or book file.One document may contain multiple tables of contents—for example, a list of chapters and a list of illustrations.If your table of contents requires editing, edit the actual paragraphs in the document—not the table of contents story—and then generate a new table of contents.

If you edit the table of contents story, you’ll lose your revisions when you generate a new table of contents.

You can change this hierarchy by specifying a new level number for the selected paragraph style.