Updating subversion mac

03-Jul-2020 16:57

updating subversion mac-5

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$ vim ~/.bash_profile Added in: $ export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH Saved and then sourced it.

:wq $ source ~/.bash_profile Now when when I execute svn –version I see 1.7.x.

A quick check proved that was the case, since I was using 1.7.x with Smart SVN 7.

[email protected]~/Documents/project$ /usr/bin/svn –version svn, version 1.6.18 (r1303927) compiled Aug 4 2012, It turns out that Mac OS X 10.8.x runs Subversion 1.6.x. The next day, I started working on the project again, but my part of my workflow is to compile and run the project via command line with Ant scripts. I checked out the script and it was running svn info but it eventually failed with an error message.

$ cd ~/Downloads/ $ curl -o subversion-1.7.9gz $ tar -xvf subversion-1.7.9gz $ cd subversion-1.7.9 Configured and installed $ ./configure –prefix=/usr/local $ make $ sudo make install At this point, I had a full working copy of subversion 1.7.x available for use.

$ /usr/local/bin/svn –version One thing to note is that I still was using the older version of subversion by default.

The following sections explore how Subversion can be used for version control in Visual Studio for Mac.

The following image illustrates the options provided by Visual Studio for Mac by the Version Control menu item: Before starting to use a remote Subversion repository, check out the repo to create a working copy of that directory on your local machine.

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That’s when I realized I obviously was running two different versions of subversion.

I already was using Smart SVN for other projects and figured I should have all of my subversion projects managed by one tool.

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