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14-Jun-2020 10:59

You will also have to spend a lot of time learning how to promote your courses.

Here is a list of links to marketing tricks and resources that will help you market your courses.

Everyone agreed it was a great idea but to this day not a single one of them has sat down and published a course. Luckily, out of the more than 4,000 people that have taken my teaching course many have actually created their own courses and some of them are doing extremely well these days.

You can find the stories of many of these students here: One important thing to have in mind is that creating your course is only part of the work.

It took a lot of preparation and many frustrating hours fighting with my computer and myself.Finding out about Udemy at its early stages was great timing because they just had raised quite a bit of money.They were very aggressively spending marketing dollars to promote all the courses they had managed to gather up to that point in time.Because I was one of the first instructors on their platform it just happened that many of those marketing dollars were spent promoting my course.

There was a time where I would see my face on their Facebook adds almost every week.Looking at those factors it seems like they could be perfectly applied to what it takes to be successful at anything, to life in general.