Updating kde menu

13-Nov-2020 01:22

Whether they’re using a computer that’s old and slow and just need to get the most out of it, or if they’re using a brand-new, high-performance system and want to dedicate all of that power to the task at hand, keeping everything as slim as possible is key.

Today we’ll be looking at three of them: LXDE, Xfce, and MATE.You can tell this is the case because the interface feels a bit more polished, and a bit less bare-bones.Either way, Xfce still touts itself as a lighter alternative to the other most popular desktop environments: KDE, GNOME, and Unity.And since they’re both running off of the same base, it’s pretty safe to assume that the extra seconds are caused by the different desktop environment.

After Xubuntu finished loading, I checked the System Monitor to see how much RAM it was using and I got a pretty unhelpful fluctation of 7-8% — no actual measurement in MB.It also helps that there are official Ubuntu spins available for each desktop environment so we can keep most other variables the same for the fairest comparison among the various environments — we’ll be using these.

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