Updating global snapshot files

18-Dec-2020 19:34

Each new replacements snapshot returns article changes that have been made to the corpus since your last request was processed.If there are no new changes then the query will return zero rows.

Update happens in-place with minimum possible downtime for published repository. When published repository is updated, all the options are preserved: distribution, component, list of architectures, etc.Returns all the changes to articles included for the original snapshot, which have been made since the snapshot was taken.Similarly to additions, you can make additional replacements snapshots to receive further changes.After a snapshot has been created, a GET call can be made to ask the API for the status of the snapshot.

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There are several possible states that may be returned when sending a GET request to the URL of the job id: """The following code uses Snapshots to execute a query which prompts the user for a search term and an article limit and then submits that query.If you have created any number of additions snapshots before requesting a replacements snapshot then you will also receive any changes for article data included for the additions snapshots.