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13-Mar-2020 10:46

She once had a killer body like Melissa but that was long gone.

She loved having her husband being able to have interactions with a woman of Melissa's caliber now that she no longer could be that.

Melissa and the wife began flicking their tongues at each other, occasionally hitting each other as the hard rod of the husband was in the middle of them connecting. He would often turn on the heat in the room to get the three of them to sweat. He began to stroke himself as the two women once again found their rhythm and locked mouth's.

He could feel the tongues fighting to get at each other so he opened his eyes and adjusted his head so he could see the woman attempting to kiss at his crotch. "You like this nasty shit," Melissa said as she slightly turned her head while still kissing the wife. Kissing, licking and sucking the outer part of her mouth, including her lips and cheeks, Melissa turned the wife's face into a sloppy mess. Moments later he bust his nut in the middle of the two women.

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It sent his nerve endings wild and he trembled with excitement.The white garment clung to her well toned body, thanks to her collegiate training as a 200 and 400 meter hurdler.