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If your car breaks down, you have in your possession two accident report forms.

You complete them and hand one each to an Allied or West German driver going in opposite directions.

Germany which still offers some sort of excitement to the adventure-minded traveler. Major role of the military police is to man checkpoints Alpha and Bravo and to make sure that you get from one to the other. Reason for the uncertainty is that between the two Allied checkpoints are two Russian checkpoints, while East German Vopos ("people's police") can pop up almost anywhere. does not recognize the sovereignty of East Germany, and that you should have nothing to do with any German official of the East Zone.

The road is the Helmstedt-Berlin autobahn -- the only official car route to the divided city used by members of U. If you are approaching Berlin from West Germany, your first stop is at Alpha checkpoint in Helmstedt. You are also told that the only people on the other side with whom you may deal are uniformed Soviet military people.

They may stop you to ask for your papers, to claim you were speeding, to hitch a ride or to ask for a visa or an autobahn road tax. There are three turnoffs to West Berlin and if you turn wrong you may end up in East Germany.

In 1960 there were 7,355 private vehicles and 364 military sedans that made the run. It's an interesting trip, the run from Helmstedt to Berlin.

It is seldom that anything happens, but you never know.

The ride itself it dull because the countryside is flat and uninteresting.

A lonely doctor, who once occupied an unusual lakeside house, begins exchanging love letters with its former resident, a frustrated architect.

They must try to unravel the mystery behind their extraordinary romance before it's too late.Once you hand in those accident repair forms you must wait where you are until help comes.

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Evidence of Neanderthal skeletons buried in excavated graves in the ground suggests concern over the concepts of life and death. In order to have religion, one must be capable of abstract thought and reasoning.… continue reading »

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