Sophos updating policy awaiting policy transfer

09-Dec-2019 20:31

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The migration tool must be installed and run by the Administrator, on the server where Sophos Enterprise Console (management server and database) or Sophos Control Center is installed.Note: Only one instance of the tool can run on the same computer at the same time.For example, if the tool is already running on a computer, another user who connects to the computer using Remote Desktop Connection will not be able to open the tool.The tool can be used for assessing computers to see whether or not they can be migrated to Cloud, and for migrating the computers to Cloud.3.1 Evaluation When you run the tool, it retrieves the list of managed computers from the Enterprise Console or Control Center database and checks them for Cloud readiness against the latest Cloud readiness assessment data retrieved from Sophos.

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Sophos Cloud, on the other hand, manages Windows servers separately from users computers.The tool can migrate protected computers that: Are running a supported operating system.Have features or policy settings that are supported by Sophos Cloud.For more information about migration prerequisites, see Migration prerequisites (page 12).

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For more information about computer Cloud readiness evaluation, see Check which computers can be migrated (page 19).

The Cloud readiness rules are updated automatically, for example when a new operating system or feature becomes available in Cloud.