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Once you have this knowledge it will help you to correct any existing misunderstandings that created the "bad bird behavior" or poor health to begin with.As you become more adept and confident, you might find you quickly manage to train your Parrot to talk, trick, and enjoy your company...We never recommend mean punishment to get your Parrot to snap out of his "destructive or stubborn spoil-sport ways"... There's a FAR easier, and much more effective way to get your bird to behave and perform...We can show you the methods professional trainers use to: Save your ears, and sanity, from ear-shattering screams...I mean, I too have certainly discovered that not all Parrots are like Polygon at first...Are you dealing with sore, even bloody fingers (bitten to death), ringing ears (those sonic screams), or simply a Parrot that refuses to speak...

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You don't want these razor-sharp "feathered-pruners" snapping at your soft fingers... I want to show you some powerful training secrets that will help you towards your goal of owning a loving, talking, tricking, playful, and colorful feathered angel... After all, everyone wants a well-behaved pet, don't they?And you have no clue why he is mute as a fish, bites, or screams despite your best determined efforts?