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28-Apr-2020 10:30

they should see by the l'chaim and vort and THATS IT!!

then all your problems are solvedcompsys6626 Posted on Aug 24 2004, PM i guess im a naive person, but just dont touch each other.

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My point is not to make a "quick fix" but to realize that this is a true issue and some people really fall when it comes to this (people who never would have dreamed of having this "tayvah" before they met their Chusen).There are other exceptions to this rule, such as a doctor treating a patient of the opposite sex.Medieval rabbis allowed for a male doctor to examine a woman, despite the necessity to touch, according to the assumption that the doctor is preoccupied with his work ( with affection or desire, even if the act falls short of intercourse, violates a negative Torah commandment" (Lev. Ramban, also known as Nachmanides, on the other hand concluded that actions like hugging and kissing do not violate a negative commandment of the Torah, but only a rabbinic prohibition. I decided a few years ago that if I dated someone long enough, then even if we weren’t engaged yet I’d probably, how shall we say, “make out” with him, even though I want to get married before having sexual intercourse.

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This is the best advice, especially for engaged couples who are on top of each other day and night. Also not being inseparable until the chuppa is good advice but that becomes exceedingly difficult the longer the engagement is.

i guess im a naive person, but just dont touch each other. besides, shouldnt u be able to endure not even seeing the person for a while, let alone touching them?