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Loops and Structured Data 8.1 While/Repeat and Do/Until 8.2 Looping Through Lists of Data: FOR 8.3 Choosing Items From Lists - The "Select" Function 8.4 Selecting Records From Structured Lists Data 8.5 Saving Lists of Structured Data to a Storage Medium - Serialization 8.6 Sending Serialized Data to a Web Server 8.7 Sharing data between different programming languages and environments 8.8 Using the Select Function to Create Menus 9.

COMPLETE EXAMPLE APPS - Learning How All The Pieces Fit Together 9.1 Math Test 9.2 Text Editor App 9.3 Web Page Editor 9.4 Internet Chat Room 9.5 Blogger 9.6 Recipe Database 10. REAL WORLD CASE STUDIES - Learning To Think In Code 21.1 A Generalized Approach Using Outlines and Pseudo Code 21.2 Case 1 - Scheduling Teachers 21.3 Case 2 - Days Between Two Dates Calculator 21.4 Case 3 - Simple Search 21.5 Case 4 - A Calculator 21.6 Case 5 - Backup Music Generator ("Jam Tool") 21.7 Case 6 - FTP Tool 21.8 Case 7 - Jeopardy 21.9 Case 8 - Tetris 21.10 Case 9 - Media Player 21.11 Case 10 - Web Site Spidering App 22.

More Graphic Apps 12.1 Catch Game 12.2 Calculator 12.3 Snake 12.4 Ski 12.5 Simple Shoot-Em-Up Game 12.6 Guitar Chord Diagram Maker 12.7 Image Viewer With Swipe Gestures 12.8 Thumbnail Image Maker 13. RFO Basic is an extremely simple subset of other familiar Basic programming languages.

Building GUI Interfaces Using Graphics 13.1 Basics - No HTML Required 13.2 A Typical GUI Form With a Few More Bells and Whistles 14. You can read the entire API and the reference documentation in a single day.

Several Simple Examples 3.1 Tiny Note Pad App 3.2 Teeny Timer App 3.3 Online Examples 3.4 Editing and Workflow Tips 4.

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Unfortunately, emulators are large programs that use many system resources, so they may run slowly on all but the most powerful desktop computers.More information about code donated by the RFO Basic community is available at On many small Android devices, the text editor built into RFO Basic is not the most comfortable or productive environment for editing code.This tiny program is a real, useful notepad app that you can use to jot down and save important text information of any kind.

To save the program code above, press the Android Menu button, select "Save", and enter a file name (i.e., "edit.bas").

You can get to know a lot about RFO basic just by exploring the downloadable code in those apps.

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