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04-Jun-2020 03:39

Everything becomes deniable, and in an age of state-sponsored infowar waged in social media it'll be trivially easy to discredit .The political consequences of this toxic metastasis of "false news" I leave for discussion in comments. For a while now there's been a very weird phenomenon on You Tube, whereby popular childrens videos are pirated, remixed, and reuploaded as advertising delivery vehicles.The is procedural porn tailored to appeal to the micro-targeted audience's kinks, even if they don't think they have any (use A/B testing to see which random fetish images get their attention, then converge). What are the high-end applications, beside destroying all trust in news media forever? (PS: This blog entry was delayed because I needed to finish and formally submit "The Labyrinth Index". You can then use the trained network to edit them, replacing one person in a video with a synthetic version of someone else.In this case, Rule 34 applies: it's being used to take porn videos and replace the actors with film stars.(Second generation application: Hitler sums it up, now with fewer subtitles) There are innocuous uses, of course.It's a truism of the TV business that the camera adds ten kilograms.

It'll probably be built into your smartphone's camera processor in a few years, first a "make me look fit in selfies" mode and then a "do the same thing, only in video chat" option.

Once we combine procedural video generation with toolkits for promoting social media addiction and good old web tracking, we're on course to all be parasitized by our own AI stalkers, helpfully generating video and other content tweaked iteratively to compel us to pay attention, whether due to arousal, disgust, happiness, fear, or whatever.