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And with polls showing that women are skeptical that Donald Trump is the best candidate for them, Ivanka—a 34-year-old working mother—has been tasked with convincing them otherwise.And so, as the 2016 presidential race heats up, both Chelsea and Ivanka have had to figure out exactly how they fit into their parents’ campaigns—without damaging the work they’ve done to build their own careers.The similarities between the two daughters are uncanny.In a country without monarchs, the Clintons and the Trumps are about as close to American royalty as it comes, and both women grew up in the public eye.

Both wore Vera Wang wedding gowns and married Jewish men, though Ivanka converted and Chelsea did not.Her tweets about women entrepreneurs make sense alongside videos of her mother’s diplomatic work and speeches.In her official capacity, she’s been criticizing the Republican candidates’ vitriol and making appearances at private events for large donors.They are inextricably tied to their parents—not just by name and birthright but by profession.

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Chelsea Clinton: An Easier Balancing Act Because the Clinton Foundation works on issues that are well aligned with Hillary’s talking points, such as public health and the advancement of women and girls around the world, Chelsea’s professional persona often dovetails nicely with her appearances on the campaign stage as first daughter.After all, this is a woman who donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2007.

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