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Bush has spent the past two years seeking out the sources of these broadcasts, covert sites across the globe from North Korea and Russia to Washington and Cuba.

The reason for these broadcasts is still hazy, but it’s widely believed they were used by intelligence agencies in the Cold War to send coded messages to undercover agents.Some further general points can be made, however, in regard to the status of precolonial sub-Saharan art.First, in any African language, a concept of art as meaning something other than skill would be the exception rather than the rule.The London-based photographer has used satellite imagery, spectrograms and maps to create a multimedia work examining the accountability of powerful intelligence organisations “Really, it was only in the Snowden revelations that we realised how often these agencies don’t act in our best interest,” says Lewis Bush.

“In some ways I hope that a project like this can make people think about how these abstract but very powerful forces in the world can be visualised when you find the right strategy.” He’s talking about his new project, Shadows of the State, a new photobook that investigates and exposes mysterious broadcasts dating back to the Cold War.

If you imagine the book as the core, the website is a way of expanding and exploring other issues around the accountability and necessary transparency of power.” With talks lined up with the likes of Columbia Global Centers and the IC-Visual Lab, Bush intends to keep expanding his knowledge in this area – and also to keep publicising it.

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