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This map of the east coast appears in Suetter and Lotter atlases. The road network in southeastern Pennsylvania is illustrated on this map. This map could also possibly be the one listed on page 677 of Phillips dated 178_? The prime meridian is not identified but the longitude appears to be west from Ferro. Longitude is west from London at the bottom, west from Ferro at top. The boundaries shown for the colonies are way out of date, no western Maryland, Pennsylvania extended to Lake Ontario, etc. THE COAST OF NOVA SCOTIA, NEW ENGLAND, NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, THE GULF AND RIVER OF ST.

Gravee exactement d'apres les determinations geographiques dernierement faites par Matthieu Albert Lotter a Augsbourg. The Pennsylvania boundary is set at the 42nd parallel with the note "Bounds of Pennsylvania by Patent." The land to the north in New York is called Country of the Six Nations, and the Penns ceded the land to the 43rd parallel to New York largely to avoid having to deal with the Iroquois. A GENERAL MAP OF NORTH AMERICA; from the latest observations. Listed in Phillips page 675 dated 177_, dated 1776 at the Library of Congress where this image comes from. Despite the German title some features retain English spellings. CARTE DES TROUBLES DE L'AMERIQUE LEVEE PAR ORDRE DU CHEVALIER TRYON CAPITAINE GENERAL ET GOUVERNEUR DE LA PROVINCE DE NEW-YORK ENSEMBLE LA PROVINCE DE NEW-JERSEY par Sauthier et Ratzer traduite de l'Anglais. The complete map covers the eastern part of North America from Greenland to Florida with settlement confined to the eastern seaboard. Although Mc Corkle's dating is followed here, an earlier version of this map dates to 1776 from a London edition of Raynal's work published by T. That map has the date 1776 at the bottom, missing on this later printing. There is a large inset of southern New England and New York, eastern Pennsylvania and all of New Jersey. Copied from the original plan of David Rittenhouse Esqr by Robt.

This version appeared in The Gentleman's Magazine for July 1779. Cary was most active right around the turn of the century so this map is likely one of his earliest cartographic efforts. A MAP OF THE COUNTRY ROUND PHILADELPHIA INCLUDING PART OF NEW JERSEY NEW YORK STATEN ISLAND & LONG ISLAND, from the September, 1776, issue of Gentlemen's Magazine, London for D. The map shows Pennsylvania west to York and north to include most all of New Jersey.

See Sellers & van Ee #1353-60, 1363-65,1372-73; Docktor #280H5. This undated and anonymous map is thought to be from the Gentleman's Magazine, London, circa 1775, although the general appearance could date it to the 1760's. Its source and exact dating are not known, but it is probably circa 1775, when Cary would have been around 20 years old, and may be from a later edition of John Entick's The General History of the Late War, first published in 1766, and also in 17. The map shows the eastern United States and southern Canada south to a cutoff Florida and west to beyond the Mississippi. The title would imply that Philadelphia was more important than the entire state of New Jersey, which was probably true at the time.

A diagonal line runs from the Susquehanna R to Lake Erie P. Mc Corkle #776.5 AN ACCURATE MAP OF CANADA AND THE ADJACENT COUNTRIES EXHIBITING YE PRESENT SEAT OF WAR BETWEEN GREAT BRITAIN & HER COLONIES by T. A magazine map which appeared in the General Magazine, January 1776, and also in Lottery Magazine, v. It shows the region from Newfoundland to Carolina and west to include the Great Lakes. Mc Corkle #776.6 A GENERAL MAP OF THE NORTHERN BRITISH COLONIES IN AMERICA. This map, and the one below, also appeared in the American Military Pocket Atlas, intended for use by British officers in the field. Image from the Heritage Map Museum CD by permission. The main map shows the region from New York to Virginia and west to include Ohio. This map differs from maps used in earlier editions of Raynal's history (1774.2); the coverage is from Newfoundland to Florida and west to the Mississippi and considerably more detail is added. with a topographical description of such parts of North America as are contained in this map. Pennsylvania extends to about 42d 40m with its western boundary passing through Pittsburgh and following the Allegheny north. Mc Corkle (#776.11, 794.12) illustrates 1788, 1794 versions also where the map is retitled A NEW AND CORRECT MAP OF THE BRITISH COLONIES IN NORTH AMERICA. This is the companion map to the one above, and contains an inset of the western Great Lakes. Pennsylvania's northern boundary extends to about 43 degrees, "Ft. Mc Corkle #776.21 A NEW MAP OF NORTH AMERICA, engraved for the Abbe Resnal's History of the Settlements of the Europeans in the East & West Indies. A broken line marked by many letters A, B, N, O, etc., appears in the east.

Mc Corkle illustrates five states of this map: 776.2, 776.15, 776.26; Sellers & van Ee #144-45, 160. Les traits rouges marquent las subdivision de cette Carte generale representee plus au large dans les trois suivantes." In the right corner is an inset of the Hudsons Bay - Greenland area. Mc Corkle #776.14 CARTE NOUVELLE DE L'AMERIQUE ANGLOISE contenant tout ce que les Anglois possedent sur le continent de l'Amerique Septentrionale savoir le Canada, la Nouvelle Ecosse ou Acadie, les treize Provinces Unies qui sont: les quatres colonies de la Nouvelle Angleterre 1.

D'ANVILLE IMPROVED WITH THE ENGLISH SURVEYS MADE SINCE THE PEACE, London printed for Robt Sayer & J. 53 Fleet Street, as the act directs 10 June 1775 (Mc Corkle #775.2). The table mentioned covers a large portion of the map and is titled Evan's Polymetric Table of America. This map is a later version of D'Anville's original 1755 map. The main map covers the eastern United States from Newfoundland to a cutoff Florida and to beyond the Mississippi. THE THEATRE OF WAR, IN THE PROVINCES OF MASSACHUSETS-BAY, CONNECTICUT, NEW-YORK, NEW-JERSEY, PENSILVANIA, MARILAND, VIRGINIA &C.

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