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Many of the educated elite, such as Nelson Mandela other political activists, had attended mission schools.

The Act ended the relative autonomy these schools had enjoyed up to that point and made government funding of Black schools conditional on acceptance of a racially discriminatory curriculum, administered by a new Department of Bantu Education.

Makonza Ngampu was a local teacher and Govan’s ama Zizi clansman.

Mbeki was to school at the Davies Senior Higher Primary School the following year; a school was run by Methodists. By 1953, the Bantu Education Act was passed by the government.

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Moerane was a music teacher and a composer of classical music.

Names: Mbeki, Thabo Mvuyelwa Born: 18 June 1942, Idutywa in Transkei, South Africa In summary: President of South Africa, first deputy president in the new Government of National Unity.

Clan names (Isiduko): i Zizi, u Jama ka Sijadu, umqala mde ungangenduku, Dlamini, Fakade, Ngxibi.

Thabo Mbeki experienced his first disappointment with politics when he and Kabelo heard about an ANC meeting to be held in Queenstown.

His excitement peaked when Dr Njongwe (the Eastern Cape ANC leader at the time) came driving down the road making announcements over loudspeakers in a car publicising the Defiance Campaign.

Ma Mofokeng, his mother, ran a shop called the Goodwill Store, and the family also kept sheep and goats.