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He revealed in a blog post that he had cut back on travelling this year to give himself “more time to work”."But come August I'll be off again, first to NYC for a wedding and the usual round of publisher and agent meetings, then off to Finland for worldcon, then on to Russia for a con in St.

Petersberg,” he wrote“Two trips for all of 2017 is the least amount of travel I've done in twenty years."Back in January an eager fan posted on Martin’s blog: “It has been a whole year since we have received an update.

In Milyn opening introduction on BGC, she expressed that being connected to celebrities is nothing new to her. Known as the “Mama Bear” and level headed one on her season, after the show, she was After her season it was mistakenly reported that she had married and had a child, but also allegedly linked romantically to STL rapper Chingy.

Source: Oxygen Natalie Nunn wouldn’t let you forget her if you tried.

Now, the definition of a celebrity can be widely debated, but for the sake of this article, let’s say that Billy Sorrells, the creator of “Shyte Black Girls Say,” videos is in that category, because you know his name and his work.

Well, the two were allegedly a couple, and the season 7 fan favorite, gave birth to their adorable child.

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Source: Oxygen Now, clearly, this was a joke but I’m a person all for humor, so let’s add this.

But she claimed it and then eventually admitted it was a joke.