Php script for updating contacts

19-Nov-2020 01:18

php script for updating contacts-20

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The section I’ve named as “Clean up after your pet” is a little memory cleansing process.Let’s just say that if you skip this step you will find yourself about 4GB deep in memory usage and crawling your way through the contact script.Another important feature we use for testing is the -What If parameter.I’ll give the necessary disclaimer here which is that !It’s not that I don’t know that the script works, but regardless of my confidence, it is an absolute must that you test any process in an alternate environment before you go live. We will step through the script together in sections to show what’s happening along the way. Management Object Not Found Exception] $contactfile = Import-CSV $rawfile In this section we’ve identified the location of the import file (assume X: SCRIPTS for the path and a filename of contacts.csv), as well as setting the alerts to continue on error.# Set the file location $rawfile = “X: SCRIPTScontacts.csv” # Ignore Error Messages and continue on. Note that this is not alwasy 100% effective and may require some tweaking which I’ll update as I make more progress with the error handling.The process is almost the exact same as that used to create the customer and store their card details initially, with just a couple of minor changes.

Next up we will loop through the records and assign working variables to based on the contents of each record.The only real difference here is that you’re object with it.