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For many years, however, British Gas held the sole exploration rights to Israel’s deep waters, given to the UK firm by the Israeli government.They entered the market in 1999, and identified two promising prospects, Dalit and Tamar.In 1999, however, after the government opened the waters for exploration, the Noa gas field was discovered in the Yam Tethys Project by Delek and Noble teams in the shallow waters offshore Israel.The find marked the nation’s first commercial discovery of natural gas off Israel’s coast.“We are taking the knowledge we have developed here and we are exporting it,” Aizenberg said in an interview with The Times of Israel at his office in Tel Aviv, just two days before Israel’s 70 Aizenberg tells a riveting tale about how he discovered the Leviathan field in the middle of Israel’s Mediterranean waters.He remembers every little detail, he speaks with pride but also with humbleness.And just like some doctors see things that others don’t, so was the case with Leviathan, he said.“You also have to believe, to be able to find,” he said. I believed in what I saw.” Aizenberg and his partners got a preliminary permit for the site, for 18 months, but they knew they needed partners to fund their exploration efforts.

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He studied geology and minerology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

“I very much believed in Israel’s offshore, especially the deep waters since the time I worked in the Gulf of Suez, and I pushed toward that direction,” he said.