No gimmick dating

05-Dec-2020 19:38

May 31: Spoke with girl tonight and she was just getting back from her vacation.

June 1: We re-scheduled for next Wednesday June 2: That girl just texted me a little bit ago saying she's going down the shore this weekend (my shore) and wants to meet up. JW, "Then if I shoot her a text on Monday about hanging out next week she'll likely be past the point of wanting to hang out because it's awkward we haven't had much contact." WTF, that would be ~2.5 weeks from your first date, and ~1 week from hanging out and making out at the beach house, with tons of communication in between. You can't appear needy but you can't be super passive. Because chances are if I'm not being "needy" by contacting her she isn't contacting me.

IKP: "When I am fixated on one girl and don't have any other girls that I am texting I tend to make too much of things, get nervous around her, etc and nothing ever pans out the way I want it to." 100% the same w/ me. YOU are the one who is awesome and who she should want to hang out with. Once you realize that your money and have that attitude, things suddenly start falling into place. It's an attitude of indifference mixed with confidence. So then I'll be advised, "move on, find other girls" but this is what was said to me a year ago in the same spot. It seems like fold-fold-fold-fold-fold-fold-fold-fold-fold and then maybe after folding a bunch more you'll have a girl that wants to have sex with you and is attractive and you get lucky for the amount of failures you have.

So apparently there is some gigantic error I'm committing here. Like I can almost guarantee that the people that have girlfriends now did not put in much work.

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