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I remember watching the cartoons when I was younger and them kind of being a thing, or at least liking each other. Again, sorry if my lack of comic knowledge leaves this question unanswerable, thanks anyway.There's always been a little bit of tension between them, but nothing ever came of it.Royal Command by Athena Phoenix [Reviews - 0] (1109 words) 3.Lucky Bastard by Athena Phoenix [Reviews - 0] (474 words) 4.I love how Bruce is just frozen when he first see how beautiful Diana is when he gets to paradise island.Lol, he just walks up to her and she thoroughly hand him his ass,(shes never seen him before at this point) but he's still immediately in love.

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My favorite though will always be Matt Wagner's Trinity.I'd much rather WW be with Bat's than [email protected] Gt: No problem, I'm happy to answer any other questions you might have to the best of my ability.Really, if you ever want to know ANYTHING about the world of comics, just come this site.Consummation by Athena Phoenix [Reviews - 0] (660 words) 7.

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Justice League will finally unite the world’s finest DC Comics superheroes, played by capital “f” Fine actors.

In the New 52, there hasn't been any note of tension between Batman and Wonder Woman.