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12-Aug-2020 00:15

To code a bot that is always guaranteed to be grammatical must surely be closer to several hundred lines, I simplified hugely by just trying to think of the simplest rule to give the computer a mere stab at having something to say.

Its responses are rather impressionistic to say the least !

No parsing, no cleverness, just a training file and output.

It first trains itself on a text and then later uses the data from that training to generate responses to the interlocutor’s input.

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I realize parsing meaning from the human responses will be challenging, but how do you setup the program to deal with the "state" of the conversation?If you do not require a learning bot, using AIML ( will most likely produce the result you want, at least with respect to the bot parsing input and answering based on it.You would reuse or create "brains" made of XML (in the AIML-format) and parse/run them in a program (parser).Future state decisions could be hardcoded based on inspection of previous states and the content of the most recent few messages.

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Or you could do something like the Markov chains discussed and use it both for parsing and generating.It will be a one-to-one conversation between a human and the bot.