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These include both prescription and over the counter painkillers and as well as migraine specific drugs such as triptans. A combination of lifestyle changes and understanding the migraine triggers is important.

There are also preventative treatments available for chronic migraine, but these are often associated with side effects, and many people cannot tolerate them for long periods of time.

People with chronic migraine are three times more likely to consult their GPs compared to episodic migraine.

In the UK 43% of people with chronic migraine visit a neurologist or headache specialist compared to only 18% of people with episodic migraine.

It has been shown that up to 73% of chronic migraine patients over use headache medications.

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As more and more is understood about the different types of chronic daily headache and chronic migraine in particular, the role of the neurologist and specialist migraine clinics is becoming increasingly important.

Further investigations into chronic migraine may be required as well as tailored treatment plan to try to minimise the frequency and severity of attacks.

Some people find that they have defined triggers such as caffeine, bright lights, hormone, food or sleep deprivation.

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