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The users email address is: [email protected] surfed your most excellent website and located the name of R. I am anxious to obtain further information about him for publication in our Association journal or where I might obtain career history. Dear Forbes The first CONGRATULATION, FORBES, from Norway ,from Namsos and the place where RUTLANDSHIRE came to her end!We look forward meeting You and Your father in May.Details on my Dad can be had on typing in SATYINDRA on a search engine.Premendra Singh, A - 8 / 29 Vasant Vihar, New Delhi, India .Hoping this might be of use and thanks for your efforts to all that were lost.Roger Barlow Dear Forbes The comments below have been posted from As an "ex Sparrow", I find this site very interesting indeed.Well done, Tim Maddison Personally, I think that youre website is very interesting, only one comment I think that you should include a few pictures of the ships mentioned.

Enjoyed your site and best wishes from 'Down Under'I just downloaded the section relating to trawlers lost in WWII.

We shall show You the Namsen fjord, the places and some of the people who still remember the days in april 1940 when NAMSOS became THE FIRST DUNKERQUE.

But" THE NAVY WAS HERE" and saved in a heroic way ,more than 5.000 french and british men from a totally destroyed town in the middle of Norway Your friend Jens-Anton Sndersen The users email address is: [email protected] Forbes Thanks for all your hard work, you've made my family history research a lot more complete.

I did a bit of research on this and found out what RNPS meant, and that the Alouette was a trawler (torpedoed by a U-Boat). Lowe) was the first recipient of the CSC a esult of service with the Naval Brigade in the Boer War.

Anyone know anything about the Alouette, or that particular engagement? This site is a nice tribute 'for those in peril on the sea' Geoff Lowe A most interesting site and a fine tribute to your grandfather I am in Brisbane, Australia and have been here for almost fifty years now.If it is of any use, I have various bits of information on my grandfather Tempy Leuit.