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— In many cases, these manufacturers will pay affiliates to promote the product, which means you can Google the skin cream and find multiple reviews on the internet reinforcing the product’s benefits.

This can make it a little more difficult to separate scams from legitimate offers.

But this is where the ‘fine-print waters' get muddy and murky and where we hope to help you make informed, educated decisions based on your skin care needs and wants.

Let's review why most (but certainly not all) free trial skin care samples aren't exactly as free as advertised.

You’ll enter your name, address, and phone number and then move onto the next step.

Once you’ve got to the next page, you might be immediately prompted to enter your credit card information to pay for the shipping and handling fee.

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That contact form will be surrounded by graphics that say “Free Trial” or “Risk-Free Trial” or something along those lines.We are so grateful to the men and women who serve in our military and especially to those who sacrificed their lives to defend our freedoms.