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She is a stay at home mom and her husband is a dentist so they are very well off to say the least.

She and the wife go out every other Friday night, kind of a girls night out thing.

I figured it was the wife so I thought I would greet her with a stiff dick and have a little fun.

I stroked my cock a few more times and went to greet her.

Bernie had taken the heat for Victor’s screw up on the Acme job — a job I should have had, and could have done right. And get a nice promotion.”That was the problem — technology. “Babs, how nice to see you again.” But instead of shaking her hand, he brought it up to his lips. “Bernie, you have to let me dance with Babs.”After he led her away, Louise leaned over and whispered in my ear. I wondered for a moment if I was naked.”“He’s just trying to get me mad so I’ll do something stupid.”She looked at me with an amused smile then nudged me then and nodded over to Bernie. Instead he stared rather anxiously at the dance floor.

I would have felt corny doing something like that, but Victor could get away with it. And he was so immaculately dressed in an expensive suit that he looked like an exec. But I wasn’t fooled, when he bent over Babs’ hand, I saw him checking out her cleavage.“Robert,” he said as he extended his hand. Well, I thought, I’d be worried too if Victor had my wife.

“I hate that man.”I nudged her with my leg and caught her eye in a silent warning. Earlier when we found out our seating assignments, I had warned her that Bernie was solidly in Victor’s camp.

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At the company Christmas party, my wife, Louise, and I shared a table with Bernie and his wife, Babs.One mistake and any chance I had for the Nova job would be gone.“Oh, Victor’s not so bad,” Babs said. If he got the job, there wouldn’t be any new technology, just a mess. You had to be polite, even in the lower levels of management.

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I was not interested in long distance, I wanted MLPS only! I found one possible that I liked, but after 34 days (which is over their timeline to reply) she never replied and her profile was never put on "HOLD" either, this company says right on the back on the contract they give you, "You failed to provide a response to another member (yes or no) your membership is put on inactive as a penalty" - they failed to do that because she was a woman most likely and most know if you don't have woman, the men won't come either. They claim they contacted her 3-4x and she would get to it, but never did. So at the time (approx 1st or 2nd weekend in June) I went through every profile on that site that was available to me.… continue reading »

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Perhaps they need some detention or extra homework? … continue reading »

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