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The subject of the email reads something along the lines of: “Acknowledgement of Order,” “Thank you for your order,” “Order Status,” “Order Confirmation,” or “Thank you for buying from [insert merchant name here].”In the body of the email, scammers will have embedded a link or attached a file for consumers to click on to access their “order confirmation” (e.g.“Open this link to see full information about your order.”) But, clicking on this link will infect the recipient’s device with malicious malware.Similar to non-EMV transactions, cardholders will then either sign for the purchase, enter a PIN, or do nothing at all for some quick every day transactions., the person on the other end of the line represented herself as being from the Microsoft Windows Security Center. Lott taken the bait, the fraudulent “fee” he would have lost would likely pale in comparison to the potential of having his computer hacked.She informed him not only that his computer was infected, but that he could download an application that would remove the virus – for a price. While not new, telephone scams continue to fleece unsuspecting consumers.If you receive an email from a familiar brand that you think is legitimate, do not click on the embedded link or attachment.

Eventually, chip cards can virtually eliminate counterfeit payment card fraud.

These features make EMV chip card data nearly impossible to counterfeit and, eventually, a less attractive target for criminals to steal.

Chip cards offer greater security by creating a one-time use code in the transaction data.

Security blogger Brian Krebs recently reported that cybercriminals are sending out phony “order confirmation” emails to gain access to people’s identities and computers. Fraudsters send out these emails hoping to exploit the fact that consumers are being inundated with messages from retailers about orders or promotions and may let their guards down.

Consumers receive an email from a recognized brand like Target, Costco, Home Depot, or Walmart about a recent in-store or online order.

Then we look to identify ways to measure the campaign’s effectiveness through a Return on Investment analysis.

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