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People go into dating without even having the basic relationship skills to make a relationship work. I've really learned to enjoy it."That's what love should be. Relationships are about dropping the gloves, listening to what your partner wants, and fulfilling that for them.

The next time you're in a relationship, think about what they person needs. So many people won't put themselves out, and that's why relationships fail. So many people work on the skills they need to attract someone, but they don't work on the skills they need to KEEP them. There are so many great people out there looking for love.

Discover what makes them happy and give it to them. You might find out like Tyler my friend, that you actually enjoy it. It's not hard to learn how to make your relationship work if you take the time to listen. You know I'm always talking about having an abundant mindset, but in reality, how many people will you meet in life who will truly blow you away. If you're in a relationship right now, or just getting close to someone, I want you to think very hard, "It's much easier than making a child happy because as adults we should be less demanding, and more appreciative. The beauty you can create and the love you can create is immeasurable. You work so hard to find it, why wouldn't you work hard to keep it.

We seem to skip understanding each other and just create a story about what WE want."I want to be married. I want to live in the suburbs."We seem to spin this story, and then get into a relationship with someone without knowing whether they want the same things. Self-centered behaviors, lack of communication skills, and selfishness all kill relationships. We meet someone we think is great, but then we don't know how to make it work. It's great when we just expect someone to accept us and don't do a thing about it. If you look at our needs and desires, they're pretty simple.

We're not as loving or understanding as we need to be to that person, and we expect them to accept it. All that happens is we end up fighting and that person gets frustrated. I want to tell you a pretty amazing story about a friend of mine. We're not like little children where we need to be cleaned up after all the time.

When two people aren't speaking each other's love language, or filling their love fuel tanks, they're going to battle. We're just like giant children running around, just slightly less demanding. "I need this, I want water, I went to the bathroom and need you to wipe me. "Can you imagine a relationship like that with an adult? You put up with it if it's your children because that's your job. Granted, when I slave after my daughter she says thank you once in a while. Think about that if you're in a relationship now.