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Quote: N/ATrivia: Many of the songs from the Helmet album Size Matters were rumored to be inspired by Hamilton's relationship with Winona.Henry Alex Rubin (39)Period: 2006Backstory: Winona met the director when he was shooting a mockumentary about her shoplifting scandal. They claim to have just been friends, showing up at several events together.The sweet song provides the background to a bunch of hilarious Mentos parody ads (if you don't remember Mentos ads, take a look at their corny genius).Sadly, people took the video a little too seriously and thought it would be cool to chuck Mentos at the stage whenever the band played "Big Me" live. The two lived together and were, according to Ryder's Rolling Stone interview, very much protective of each other. It's an area I don't go into." Trivia: N/ADave Grohl (46)Period: 1997Backstory: The two hooked up while Grohl was dating Veruca Salt singer Louise Post. Kind of funny that word." Trivia: Depp famously had a tattoo placed on his arm which read "Winona Forever." When they broke up, he had it altered to "Wino Forever."Dave Pirner (51)Period: 1993-96Backstory: Winona met Soul Asylum's Pirner at the band's MTV Unplugged concert in 1993.Grohl said, "Every time we played it, it would just start raining Mentos, and them motherf*****s hurt." After years of playing the song, the Mentos shower didn't stop."We did a show in Canada and, in the middle of the song, someone threw a pack, and it hit me right in the face.

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Pirner had a small part in Winona's film Reality Bites and Winona had a cameo in Soul Asylum's Without a Trace music video. What I'm basically saying is that it's not full of drama, which is really nice."Trivia: Winona and Pirner remain friends to this day, apparently. He ended up leaving her for Winona, and the pairing lasted for mere months. The two kept their relationship on the DL until she showed up as his date to Harvey Weinstein's 1998 pre-Oscar party.

Quote: N/ATrivia: The two remain friends, with Winona appearing on Rubin's instagram every so often.

Blake Sennett/Soper (39)Period: 2007-08Backstory: Winona dated Rilo Kiley's Blake for ten months before breaking up. Quote: N/ATrivia: Sennett was a fellow child actor, playing "Joey the Rat" on Boy Meets World and "Pinsky" on Salute Your Shorts. )Period: 2011-present Backstory: Winona seems to have finally settled down with fashion designer and co-creator of Loomstate, Hahn.

You get a pretty good mix of stories in her interviews with the parents of HAIM, Michael Stipe, and Dr. Grohl wrote a sweet message on Instagram to his mother as her book debuted.

August 2003 - Present Dave Grohl tied the knot with Jordyn Blum in 2003, and three years later they welcomed their first child Violet Maye.

Grohl wasn't too enthused about learning more about the world of dangerous knives and texted back, "I can't wait to see you, but don't be bringing that s**t to the GRAMMYs, they'll never let you in the front door." Low and behold, the next night in the audience of the Grammys, Brown sat right in front of Grohl and handed him a great big knife.

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