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0,111 nh'Biri 3, Obl-inir er Trtiin l-Ilr, l-i, Upwpni H rf ■ Otf brand I'CW . 3* nil tin) c^upim 1 |10Q v - Itiiwii u | fc ».■ |-i — iin.-hl l HH-L, iij^m Tit i-l iii ■: T i I ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ i |mi|l l:.» .iu, fil. ell ri«7*- Mj-'l 11 * in puu, f-oc yuur uf cur ni"w plilm.- tim | nnw mlv.-r Lim nrj m*\j thunr |? Closed light the volume is reduced to the minimum and when not inusc the interior is fully protected. SOUTHERN CYPRESS MANUFACTURERS' ASSOCIATION 1 213 HIBERNIA SANK BUELDENC, NEW ORLEANS, LA, IK:?

^rii the ukm|£ wiili yti UI it Mflii jcui H.-e 5 lii htt P ■.- Is Hi vo Lncc! Concealed eou nding-boozd* and amplifying' compart* merit of wood—’ 'provide (he very limit c3 area oi vibrating surface and JOUnd amplifying eontfni Tttrtent , so absolutely essential In an exact ;l:li L pure liine rcproduc Liens, Modifying Dmirt- May be opened wide thereby givitig the tone in Its fullest volume; or doors may be set at any degree graduating the volume of tone to exactly sui t every fecuiirement.

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- in p¥m.‘flii*4 , _ V'TSi u ill lm rfi'd Jli^L wi Lb I Ii ih n- ti Ll. Sf b«i 4 k ii ul;ni t H-I'.d fdittltbln^ FHOtcr Lil with the full nl praerien J info Tmo- I- ■ I ■ ■ ■'■ Iir . Victor system of ch*Pflwl»)f neediest— A perfect re- production is possible only with a perfect point— therefore a new needle for each record is the only positive assurance o E a perfect point, Yo U also have your Choice of full tone, half tone or further ntodifl- C*tkm with ilio fibre ti Kfillr, It is the perfection of every part, and its per- fect combination with all ot Eier parts, that gives the Victrola its superior tone — that makes the Victrola the greatest of all musical instruments. r .l-in Crtra.'iiit't&r C'j._ MHUrtnl, Cul'l i.i Di»lri! I FI ON CYPRESS AT Yfl UR LOCAL DEALEl IT, W HE HASN'T IT, LET E/S KSOW Sil MEDl ATELY, JVf U-S*j H'-Hifvn JE h i . A home is within your reach — no matter how limited your income.

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