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01-Nov-2019 06:47

I want to know if there are some things I'm overlooking, because I'm bad at reading social cues in those regards.

If I notice some signs, I can weight my odds better when it comes to asking him out.

A part of me has been content with this, cause I’m more into getting laid than getting a BF right now.

But I’m also wondering how this will go when I am actually interested in seeing someone more serious.

Dating apps never work for me because I am not photogenic and kinda chubby lol.

I don't have many hobbies outside recording music and video games, and I don't get invited to parties.

So I have some general questions for: TL; DR- no dating experience- looking to actually try to learn I'm a 21 male and have no real dating experience.

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Eventually she got a BF and is making a big show of him on social media.I used to be an extremely awkward person, but after years of trying to get comfortable with myself I'm not that awkward anymore.I've gotten to a point where I'm confident with myself and life choices, and I'm not always depressed like I used to be- so I think I'm ready to try dating again.I off course still think she's not serious and barely made an effort to connect with her.

There were some instances where I upset her by trying to be casual and non serious with contact, plans etc.

I don't like the bar scene since I prefer to drink alone.

In fact, one study found that treatment programs made boys do worse.… continue reading »

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One mom creepily went on about how her son was ”sexy, good looking, handsome, has great muscles, and great teeth.” That’s when we knew that the show was really about mothers who never wanted their boys to leave the nest.… continue reading »

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