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28-Jun-2020 08:21

I signed up in February this year and the site looks completely different.

It is sparse and you just know they invested little time and money to make it a useful site.

Once I looked and noticed it was the exact same email, I told him this was the same email I received before.

He told me "no, this is a different 'specialist'." So I proceeded to answer the questions once more in the same manner.

I can't remember the last time I felt so scammed and robbed.

.80 is a lot of money, especially if you cannot utilize what you paid for. Everything that other reviewers have said is true and I have had the same terrible experience.

Finally 4 days later, I get a reply that due to my situation the specialist, Michella **, will waive my future payments and close down my account but is unable to refund me my initial payment of .80 (which was the payment for the first 3 months of use).

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stephen thomas and internet dating scams

I think e Harmony is a trap for singles to lure their money.I think because of the free weekends, there are lots of guys who have profiles but have no way to communicate unless they pay. So, while it may seem like there are lots of available men in your area, in reality you can't talk to or meet any of them. I didn't even try to get my money back because it was next to impossible to find a real human to speak to.