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04-Jun-2020 15:08

And that's not adult love."But I'm an adult," you may protest.

"I grew out of that teen-age romance stuff long ago." Not quite.

(And that can lead to affairs, as I wrote about in a previous post).

So - we've become conditioned to expect a struggle to control and possess; or to submit and surrender.

I'm being descriptive, not cynical, when I say that you and your partner are almost guaranteed to descend into what I call a "Functional Relationship," over time.

It's one that lopes along, more or less, but with ever-declining energy and connection, emotionally and sexually. Well, don't start blaming yourself or go looking for articles about "7 different ways to..." Instead, reflect on this: Most people learn a way of relating within their romantic and sexual relationships that's actually a version of adolescent romance.

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And that's a big problem, because adolescent romance is incompatible with building an adult love relationship.

Dion captured the anguish this can cause in his classic song, "Why Must I Be A Teen-Ager In Love?