Dating cheating spouses

02-Nov-2019 15:05

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Everyone who’s discovered their partner’s indiscretions almost always says the same thing: “I wish I’d never found out.” Processing the fact that your partner has been banging someone else is painful enough.All asking for the details will do is give you things to torture yourself with and images that will never leave your head.

It’s very easy to decide what to do in the abstract – drop them like a bad habit, destroy their shit, stand by your man, forgive and forget, etc – and to armchair quarterback relationship…

The first and most important thing about handling the aftermath of being cheated on is self care.

Discovering that your partner was cheating on you is incredibly painful.

You want to surround yourself with people who care for you and support you – people who can help ease the pain and salve your wounds.

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What you don’t want to do is make things worse by asking for the details.For example, there’s a significant difference between someone who slipped up in a moment of weakness versus a serial cheater.