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06-Dec-2019 14:45

To many Muslims, online dating is still unorthodox.But Mubeen has embedded this sense of difference in the founding principle of Ishqr: “You don’t have to follow the American definition of dating,” she told The Guardian.“If you’re a feminist looking for your bold, humble, feminist brother or a Rumi-and-granola-loving-Muslim, Ishqr is the place for you,” the website proudly proclaims. Mubeen is currently on a publicity tour across the U.S., hoping to expand Ishqr’s reach to 50 cities and raise half a million dollars in development funds.Mubeen told Brown Girl Magazine: I know a lot of cool guys and I know a lot of cool girls.I don’t really understand why you’re all going back to places like India or Pakistan to marry into pressure because that is what your parents are asking you to do and you have no hope.

Hafsa Sayyeda said: I definitely felt that some of my best friends thought this was the rather desperate route.Users can select how serious they are: “testing the waters,” “just friends, ”or “looking to get married, yo.” In addition to the usual trivia about themselves, users can also select three traits that would be a deal-breaker in a significant other.