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The final vote approving a Declaration of War was the closest such vote in American history, and ironically also the first.Just about three years later, the war would come to an end with very little actually changed between the United States and its former Colonial maaster Great Britain. We didn’t win either, though, considering the fact that efforts to expand American territory north into Canada ended in failure.The same cannot be said for “War of 1812.” It’s a lousy label, and we should grasp the opportunity offered by the 200th anniversary of the conflict to adopt a better one.The author suggests the title the “Second War Of Independence” which seems appropriate if you take the historical view of what the impact of the war really turned out to be, specifically including the fact that its end finally marked the time when Britain seemed to accept the sovereignty of the United States.For most contemporary Americans, though, it’s a war shrouded in unclear goals that doesn’t even have a decent name: The name is not even a very thorough description of the war’s timing.If you count the Battle of New Orleans, which was fought after the peace treaty was signed, the war lasted until early 1815.However, given that it’s been 200 years now, it seems like the name has kind of stuck and drawing the connections between that war and the one fought from 1775-1783 isn’t quite that simple.What really strikes me about the War Of 1812, though, is the fact that it wasn’t just America’s first war as a sovereign nation, it was also the first war based on ambiguous goals and sometimes dubious reasoning, and it’s a reminder that there really have been very few “good” wars in our history where the lines between good and evil were so easy to see. Before joining OTB, he wrote at Below The Beltway, The Liberty Papers, and United Liberty Follow Doug on Twitter | Facebook The first war the United States fought as a nation was the Northwest Indian War. Those items alone would have made it a worthy conquest.

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One wonders how history will view them 200 years later. after all, it wasnt mere good intentions that got us into southeast asia and western europe or iraq. From the Revolutionary War; Shays and Whiskey Rebellion; 1812; Barbary; Texas Independence; Mexican; Civil; Indian; Spanish; WWI; Central America; China; WWII; Korea; Vietnam; Cambodia; Zaire; Iran; El Salvador; Panama; Grenada; Iraq; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Afghanistan; Iraq II; Libya; etc. We have been, and most likely will be, a warlike people. Hey, you Americans have a lot of victories under your belt, we happily claim the War of 1812. Doug, the best description of the was is what I heard from a Brit who was a historian (by hobby).

i think commercial and geopolitical considerations were a pretty big factor too… Nothing gets our national cock hard like a good military conflict. He called it ‘Phase II of the American Revolutionary War’.

The bicentennial of the War of 1812 — which began 200 years ago today — happens to coincide roughly with the sesquicentennial of the Civil War.

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