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25-Feb-2020 14:11

I could see my husband was very happy I had done well and made my date happy too.

I got dressed and hubby took me out for a round of margaritas and a nice dinner!

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Bending me over the bed, he stood behind me parting my swollen lips and slowly eased his hot hard rod inside my sex hole, I could feel every inch of his cock filling up my insides, making me moan softly with pleasure.

Screwing me slowly to begin with, he started the pick up the pace until he was banging his mother fucking dick up me so hard I could barely catch my breath.

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Fucked & Cream Pie’d After modeling some outfits for my hubby and giving in to sucking his dick earlier, I cleaned myself up, and ate a tic tac to keep my date from smelling my hubby’s cum on my breath.

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