Consolidating student loans advice

20-Jun-2020 14:07

Read these things https://gov/sa/about/announcements/debt-relief-message Mod note: If you have additional resources or comments, please leave them below and I can build a more permanent and comprehensive sticky post.Edit: Nerdwallet has a list of companies to avoid: https:// Edit: Also, you may see targeted ads based on the debt relief from schools with fraud issues or closures: https:// Edit: FTC cracking down on some of these companies, with list of names to avoid: https://gov/news-events/press-releases/2017/10/ftc-state-law-enforcement-partners-announce-nationwide-crackdown Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) started in October of 2007, and it's now 10 years later, so the question of "has anyone actually gotten their debt discharged with PSLF yet? Only borrowers that jumped on the program immediately will be eligible for now, and that number is pretty low.

I'm not very close with my father, but the makes a good amount of money (and is in the process of beginning his own practice); he says that he will pay, but I can't really bet on his promises. What would be a good course of action to follow for the next two years so that my debt won't be such an impossible burden when I graduate?*I also fully plan on paying off both loans, I don't expect my mother to take that burden by herself.I’m wondering if it’s possible that I have made more qualifying loan payments than Fed Loan currently has me at.For the next two years, we're going to be working with the most minimum amount we can.

Thinking about dealing with this has been causing me huge anxiety.

One way to reduce your adjustable gross income is to contribute more to a traditional retirement plan.