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28-Oct-2020 14:10

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Doing nothing is the easiest course of action, even if it’s not always the cheapest.

Are you a homeowner looking to simplify the monthly payment you’re making on your home.

“The few situations that would cause us to deny the subordination request include those when there are changes in property ownership (for example, collateral vesting changes) or when the home equity account holder is not on the title of the newly refinanced mortgage,” she says.

Brown says Wells Fargo typically processes HARP subordination requests within two days and charges fees varying from to 0.

Perhaps you’re considering a refinancing of your current mortgage to a lower rate, or maybe you’re thinking about consolidating a first and second mortgage into a single mortgage.

If so, this calculator will help you decide what course of action is most advantageous to your bottom line.

Valerie Cardenas, senior vice president of mortgage lending at International Bank of Commerce in Mc Allen, Texas, says borrowers often benefit from consolidating because the rates on home equity loans are typically higher than current primary mortgage rates.

But if your second loan has a fairly low balance, it might not be worth the cost of combining the loans.

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That’s because the second mortgage holder, which is legally entitled to move into first place when the first mortgage is refinanced, has to agree to give up that spot to the refi lender.If you can’t strike such a deal, called a resubordination, you’ll have three options.

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