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It was influenced by settling the frontier as well as the formation of the new United States and its separation from Great Britain.The Christian Connection claimed to have no creed, instead professing to rely strictly on the Bible.In practice, members tended to cluster around various shared theological concepts, such as an Arminian theological anthropology (i.e.

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Smith tried to re-enter the Connexion in 1827 by repudiating Universalism.Connexions helps companies embrace and transition to the digital world.Our team of staffing experts bring knowledge of your business and insight to every resource request.Ideologically, the New England movement displayed an extreme form of republicanism.

Convinced that the American Revolution demanded a thorough and utter break with European modes of operation, members tended to demand radical reform of politics, the legal system, medicine and religion.In each case, the missions were extensions of preaching tours from neighboring American states.

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