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27-May-2020 16:59

Even children from low income families – who are entitled to reduced fees – will be expected to pay a rate of £117 a year, pricing many of them out of learning an instrument entirely.Andrea Mc Laren, whose ten-year-old son, George, has been playing the clarinet for three years, while his brother, Sam, began learning the trombone at the beginning of this school year, says the decision will have a catastrophic effect on musical provision in the area.However, it is not the only council to spark anger among families and music teachers.

It puts him at a disadvantage.”West Lothian’s proposal to stop providing school tuition for all string and percussion instruments is the first of its kind in Scotland.

A total of 22 councils now bill parents for musical instrument lessons, with annual prices ranging from £117 in Inverclyde to £318 in the Highlands, while a few charge a fee for the annual hire of instruments.

West Lothian, claims it has no other choice than to cut string and percussion provision if other instruments are to be saved.

Then, the highest cost for tuition was £340 a year – charged by Aberdeen, which has kept its fees static for the past six years.

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Now in Clackmannanshire, parents are reeling at a new pricing policy which will see the cost of lessons more than double from the new school year in August.The apocalyptic letters were represented either (1) alone, or (2) in connection with human or other figures, or (3) with other symbols.