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26-Oct-2019 14:30

Is there anything we can do to get them to be friends again?

Bootsie’s unfortunate tangle with the neighbor cat resulted in her smelling differently then before the encounter.

The goal is for each cat to smell like the other one.

Gently pet Bootsie for an extended time with a soft, clean towel.

Trial and error is an independent type of learning, where the cat makes attempts to achieve a goal, such as opening a cabinet where treats are stored.

It is actually not very common for cats to trust each other enough to allow another cat into their personal space.

The long, thorough petting will transfer her smells onto the towel. Exchange towels, stroking Tygre with Bootsie’s towel and Bootsie with Tygre’s towel. Start by feeding both cats at the same time, but at a distance from each other. If there are any signs of aggression or nervousness, separate the two cats immediately and slow down the process.

The feeding stations should be moved far enough away that the two cats can hear and see each other enjoying their meals.

Four cats joined the family over the course of three years and, although they all helped themselves to the kitchen table, not one of them ever knocked over a penny can or even attempted the explore the kitchen counters.After the cats are fine with the pheromone exchange and are eating on each side of the closed door, encourage them to play underneath the door with each other.Use a double-ended toy, and slip it under the door so both cats can play with it.The good news is that you can help the two re-establish their lost friendship by encouraging positive and pleasant associations with each other.

Start by confining one of the cats and doing a “pheromone exchange” twice a day.But adult cats are constantly learning, too, and they are capable of teaching and learning from each other.

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