C rowvalidating

18-Jul-2020 16:07

If you don't like it (whatever your validation rules are), you have a few options. The user gets an error icon on the row, and cannot leave the cell.They are locked into the cell edit behavior until they commit the cell (Enter, Tab) with valid data. For all sizing enumerations, values with names that refer to displayed cells limit their calculations to cells in displayed rows. With these values, you can limit which cells are used to calculate the preferred sizes. NET in VS2010 it seems that when you close a Win Form the "Row Validating" event of the Data Grid View on that form behaves differently depending on whether the form is MODAL or NON-MODAL. What we did was open the form (MODAL and NONMODAL) and changed a value of a cell and then immediately clicked the "X" to close the form. 2) You can roll back the value to another value (the previous value, some default value). But I want to do it using Datagrid View I already bind it to my database.

Rows) I want this message only when any of the cell is empty. this prevents user from leaving cell/row in details grid, EXCEPT in one case : when user inserts invalid data in details cell and directly moves focus to a master record which is not its parent, then user is not prevented from leaving that invalid cell !

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