Bordeaux and cigar smoking dating

25-May-2020 22:59

Quite some cinnamon from the wood, a little ginger… Like apparent innocents abroad they stepped into the army of hustling touts that filled the platform and disappeared into the night.

The finish isn’t too long, alas, and a little too drying. We wrestled our way to the throng and joined the queue that snaked almost round the theatre – all ages, a large selection of (mostly Caucasian) nations, Dylan tour T-shirts from way back, lots of old friends. The Photographer was disappeared into the office by a burly looking prison guard from Cell Block H and returned after about 5 minutes, paler and sans camera. Comfortably seated, black stuff, hotdogs, potato crisps, chatting with our companion when, out of the blue, “Sure it’s yourselves again, now come on Michael” said Father Ted, or should I say Joseph, “you just sit yourself down here with the folks aff the tube, and I’ll get the beer”.

Lots of dried fruits of all sorts, butterscotch, herbal tea… Keeps developing with some violet candies, a little olive oil, beeswax and honey… Extremely honeyed, at that, with again these beautiful notes of old sweet white wine. Gets then very chocolaty, with also lots of cold over-infused tea… Well, you got it, the spirit couldn’t stand the wood. Getting slightly sour, with some vase water notes and beer but it remains clean.

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Some apricot juice as well, quince, fudge, but it’s all almost masked by the minty and woody notes. Gets very coffeeish after ten minutes – and some faint hints of tequila. Mouth: powerful but curiously flavoursome and balanced at such high strength.Glen Albyn - Glenallachie Glenburgie - Glencadam Glencraig - Glendronach Glendullan - Glen Elgin Glenesk - Glenfarclas Glenfiddich - Glen Garioch Glenglassaugh - Glengoyne Glen Grant - Glen Keith Glenkinchie - Glenlivet Glenlochy - Glenlossie Glen Mhor - Glenmorangie Glen Moray - Glen Ord Glenrothes - Glen Scotia Glen Spey - Glentauchers Glenturret - Glenugie Glenury Royal Colour: pale gold. And quite some oaky notes but nothing overwhelming. Mouth: not too powerful of course but very different again.Nose: rather rich and complex at first nosing, with lots of waxy/smoky notes, strawberry wine, getting quite buttery and sort of meaty at the same time. Really complex, like an old wine, getting extremely minty after a while, with also some bold eucalyptus. Lots of mint, as expected, caramel cream and wood infusion.Mouth: sure, it couldn’t really have gone on like that. Crisp, playful, with some bold notes of cider and boxed pineapple juice, getting then nicely sour (very light apple vinegar). Lots of various herbal teas, citrus candies, lemon marmalade. Granted, it isn’t a monster in any way, and maybe it lacks a little extra-boldness, but I must say I like it – also for the humility of its packaging. “Look”, I nudged The Photographer as we trained towards Brixton, “It’s Father Ted and the auld fella”.

Yet, the attack is gently waxy and cardboardy (in a nice way), with some nice apple juice again, white pepper, kiwi and fresh apples, maybe strawberries… It gets then a little winey and mashy at the same time, just before it falls almost asleep quite suddenly. Really playful, even if there a rather drying background beyond all that. Probably the cheapest of all official 20 yo plus malts – and certainly not the worst, far from it. There they were (“Father and son” said the Photographer) Dublin brogue, blue folder with careful computer printouts of all their travel and ticket details, anxiously plotting their course from the station to the Academy.) an unlikely looking character to wield an almost messianic influence over his audience.