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28-Oct-2019 10:32

Regards, If the "Crash Free BIOS" update fails to work, an alternate method is to remove the BIOS ROM chip from the board (usually they are socketed, but some are soldered down) and program the part directly with a ROM programmer using a binary image of the BIOS.I don't expect you have the tools (soldering iron, ROM programmer) readily available, but their ASUS' repair depot should.From the ASUS website, they have a 3 year warranty on the motherboard. There are some great suggestions here, but odds are you don't have the gear to fix (reflash) the rom on your own.If you only tried the USB option for crash free then you should try floppy or CD.This didn't work out well so I found at the local electronics store a parallel connector with a ribbon cable on it.

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After a lot research I stumbled upon a few pages (linked at the bottom) that documented the type of cable necessary and the software to use this port to reflash the bios.The latest EC silicon designs feature high performance processing power and complex features, requiring a more robust firmware solution.